Healthy And Functional

High Performance Minimal Cleanbeauty MENOKIN

Meno + Skincare = MENOKIN


It is a compound word of ‘Meno,’ meaning ‘Reduced,’

‘less,’ and the word ‘Skincare,’ implying how MENOKIN
pursues to only include essentials for the skin in order to achieve a healthy and effective ‘minimal skincare.’
It reduced complicated ingredients and stage of use and it only contains those that are necessary for the skin.



Clean Beauty

Only Contains Healthy Ingredients.
All ingredients with EWG Green level / No scent / Allergy FREE / Animal ingredients excluded Made without artificial flavor, paraben, PEG,
penoxy-ethanol, mineral oil, phthalate, silicon, sulphate, animal ingredients, etc.


Minimalist  Beauty

Aims For Simplicity Of Ingredients And Stage Of Use
1.Excluded unnecessary and repeated ingredients and only included best core ingredients.
2.Each product contains sufficient amount of nutrients and functions.
3.Hence, just 2 or 3 MENOKIN products are enough to develop a skincare routine.

High Performance  Beauty

Contains Best Functions As a Beauty Product.
1.Includes effective ingredients according to different product in order to create a best quality product.
2.Produces functional products approved by Ministry of Food and Drug Safety according to its functions.
3.Conducts clinical tests to prove its effectiveness.